Sale -26%
Laura Mercier

Velour Lip Powder Collection (3x Lip Powder, 1x Base Balm)

US$ 24.86
US$ 33.90
Velour Lip Powder Collection
Rapid Lash

Eyelash Enhancing Serum (With Hexatein 1 Complex) 3ml/0.1oz

US$ 56.50
An innovative high-performance serum

Facial Cleanser 236ml/8oz

US$ 36.16
A gentle facial cleanser & makeup remover
Sale -68%
By Terry

Aqua Print Eyeshadow

US$ 13.56
US$ 42.94
A 100% treatment, waterproof pen eye shadow
Sale -5%

The Eyebrow Pencil

US$ 36.16
US$ 38.42
This brow pencil helps shape and define the brows with precision. Has a velvety texture for easy application especially on sparse areas. Great for...
Sale -20%

Sheer Luminous Concealer

US$ 36.16
US$ 45.20
A creamy, opaque concealer in a brush-pen design
Sale -4%

Parure Gold Setting Mist (Box Slightly Damaged) 30ml/1oz

US$ 53.68
US$ 56.50
A weightless spray that gives makeup a final touch for a flawless result
Sale -19%

Mineralist Lasting Eyeliner

US$ 19.21
US$ 23.73
A clean, mineral-based waterproof retractable eyeliner
Sale -4%

Point Tweezer (Studio Collection)

US$ 26.56
US$ 27.69
Features sharp, aligned stainless steel hand filed points
Sale -25%

Full Lash Serum 6ml/0.21oz

US$ 30.51
US$ 40.68
A hydrating serum designed to enhance the appearance of lashes and brows. Includes arginine, an ingredient known to support hair growth. Helps...
Sale -10%

Rose Perfecto Liquid Lip Balm

US$ 39.55
US$ 44.07
A hydrating & plumping tinted lip balm with 97% skincare ingredients

Lash Curler -

US$ 42.94
An architectural eyelash curler to open the eye with lifted lashes
Laura Mercier

Longwear Creme Eye Pencil

US$ 31.08
An ultra-silky, long-lasting eye pencil
Sale -1%

Halo Healthy Glow All In One Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25

US$ 45.77
US$ 46.33
A primer infused tinted moisturiser
Sale -37%
Plume Science

Nourish & Define Refillable Brow Pencil

US$ 20.34
US$ 32.77
A 100% natural brow pomade
Sale -1%

Lash Alert Mascara

US$ 26.56
An eyelash treatment mascara
Sale -4%

La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour

US$ 35.60
US$ 37.29
An irresistible lipstick with a floral fruity flavor
Sale -5%

Professional Stainless 2000 5 1/2 Shears (High Performance Blades)

US$ 31.64
US$ 33.34
A pair of high-performance professional hair cutting shears
Sale -45%

Le Phyto Blush

US$ 52.55
US$ 96.05
A powder blush with skincare enriched formula
Sale -2%
Kylie By Kylie Jenner

Matte Liquid Lipstick

US$ 20.91
US$ 21.47
A long-lasting, instant-setting & gorgeous matte liquid lipstick:
Sale -9%

Terracotta The Bronzing Powder (Natural & Long Lasting Tan)

US$ 60.46
US$ 66.67
A moisturizing, long-lasting bronzing powder
Sale -4%

Spirit 2000 Styling Shears (Sharp Precise Cutting Blades)

US$ 32.21
US$ 33.90
5 1/2 inches in length
Estee Lauder

Little Black Primer

US$ 34.47
An advanced lash primer in a tinted black formula
Sale -4%

Powder Blush

US$ 50.85
US$ 53.11
A soft, silky powder blush
Sale -73%
By Terry

Terrybly Densiliss Blush

US$ 21.47
US$ 81.36
A luxurious powder blush that makes you look glamorous all day long
Sale -12%
Laura Mercier

Finishing Eye Brush

US$ 31.64
US$ 36.16
Designed to add finishing touches to eyes & face
Sale -7%
Mario Badescu

Enzyme Cleansing Gel - For All Skin Types

US$ 14.69
US$ 15.82
A non-foaming, gel facial cleanser

Crushed Loose Mineral Blush

US$ 27.12
Lightweight, crushed powder for cheeks
Sale -36%

Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Pencil

US$ 7.91
US$ 12.43
An innovative, dual-ended eyebrow powder pencil
Sale -50%

So Stretch Mascara

US$ 44.07
US$ 88.14
An innovative lash care mascara
Giorgio Armani

Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil

US$ 42.38
A paraben-free eyeliner pencil

Daringly Demure Lipstick

US$ 54.24
A lightweight, hydrating & glossy lipstick
Sale -8%

Powerful Lashes Mascara

US$ 24.86
US$ 27.12
A multi-tasking mascara with a vegan formula
Sale -29%

Great Lash Lots Of Lashes Washable Mascara

US$ 6.78
US$ 9.61
This mascara gives great impact with minimal effort
Sale -19%
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Definer Triangular Brow Pencil

US$ 23.73
US$ 29.38
An all-in-one, triangular-tipped, retractable eyebrow pencil
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Perfect Brow Pencil

US$ 31.64
A dual-sided, easy-to-use wooden eyebrow pencil
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Full Snap Eyeshadow Palette + Mini Mascara Set (Holo' Daze Edition) (1x...

US$ 33.90
Full Snap Eyeshadow Palette + Mini Mascara Set (Holo' Daze Edition) :

Shellie Warm Seashell Pink Blush 6g/0.21oz

US$ 37.29
A silky-soft powder blush that gives cheeks a rosy, radiant flush

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